2022 Festival, Sunday October 9th

Art by Josh Rivers

2022 at a glance–

25 Booths + Faculty Talks  + Graduate Student led ‘Ask a Scientist Cafe’
4 Food trucks
​150 Faculty, Staff, Post-doctoral Fellows, Students
60 Community Volunteers
4,000 Visitors (approx.)

Theme insect–

​The white-lined sphinx moth is sometimes called the hummingbird moth because of its bird-like size and flight pattern. It hovers around flowers sipping nectar all over Tucson, even in the daylight. The species has a broad range across Central and North America, and hordes of caterpillars will sometimes damage crops and gardens. The caterpillars were often skewered and roasted for food by Native Americans.


Arizona Daily Star
October 7, 2022
Bustos Media (audio)
October 2022
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