How you can help–

The Fest is run on a shoestring budget by professors, students, and insect enthusiasts. It is always completely free to the public. Contributions you make help us sustain and grow the Festival.


Do you or your kid adore bugs? Donate your time! We love volunteers of all ages. Contact us at for more info.

Monetary donations–

Donate online to UA Foundation’s “Arizona Insect Festival” Fund.
UA Foundation is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization.
All donations are tax deductible.

UA employees can sign up for UA Cares via UAccess, selecting “Arizona Insect Festival”.

Here are some of our typical needs–

  • $1,000 covers all the craft supplies for “Build a Bug”
  • $400 covers a new microscope to be used at the Festival
  • $250 covers all of the supplies for “Insects as Food”
  • $50 covers a new insect display box
  • $10 covers the cost of one volunteer staff shirt

We are grateful for your contributions – they allow us to continue educating the public about the importance and beauty of insects!

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